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This is PHP script for your www hosting exploration. You can use it instead of any ftp client. Just upload it to your server and run from your favourite browser. Use it as a backdoor or zip files and send them by mail as a backup or even develop your code online using tablet or smartphone.

PHP version 5.3, installation to the ROOT, on-line access to the Internet.


Program features:

  • scan server files and folders
  • create/delete folders
  • download/delete files
  • upload multiple files at once
  • zip folders and/or files on server
  • unzip files
  • create/edit/delete symlink
  • edit file/folder/subfolders permissions
  • self delete to hide your activity
  • change login name
  • change password
  • preview files online
  • copy files
  • rename files
  • send files as an email attachment!
  • copy folders
  • rename folders
  • edit files online
  • shell exec – run the system command directly on your web hosting serwer
  • modify file modified time :)
  • default credentials (login:demo/password:demo)

3 reviews for mini FTP explorer

  1. Paw (verified owner)

    I’m using this program to make backup (ZIP files) online and send it by email instead of login to local FTP client, copy files and zipping. Its faster way to manage archives. Besides this program helps me to edit files online using mobile devices! Thanks for it. Its great to me and save my time.

  2. Canada22

    Thank you, its the best online manager I found.

  3. Anette22

    Simple and very usefull, thanks a lot!

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